361°× Saint Seiya Dragon Shiryu “禅戈紫龙” Men’s Shoes – Gift Box Edition


Dragon Shiryu (龍星座「ドラゴン」の紫龍, Ryū Seiza (Doragon no Shiryū); Literally meaning “Purple Dragon”), also known as Shiryu is a bronze saint of Dragon. He is considered the most mature of the five heroes, and thus the wisest. As the Bronze Saint of the Dragon constellation, Shiryu dons the emerald Dragon Bronze Cloth, a jewel among the Clothes due to its legendary defense properties. This shoe is inspired by the Saint Seiya Dragon Shiryu’s Draco Saint Garment, a passionate and stubborn Kung Fu boy.

Model: 361°× Saint Seiya 禅•戈 Mens Basketball Shoes – Dragon Shiryu

Color: Green

Upper:  Net

Sole: Rubber

Release Date: 2020 Autumn

Condition: Brand New and 100% Authentic