361°× Saint Seiya Seiya(星矢) Men’s Running Shoes (Limited Release)


Faith inspires hidden potential, and endurance to never give up is the invincible trick. In order to protect the goddess in the heart, in order to maintain justice and peace, cross the seventh sense and burst into the small universe. Do you love Seiya? He is the hero in our childhood, we all love him, now 361°and Saint Seiya joint name shoes is coming! This pair of shoes is decomposed by Pegasus, with 天马流星拳printed on the side of the shoe body, and a Pegasus helmet at the laces. The shoe body is a classic red and white color scheme, which is eye-catching.
Model: 361°× Saint Seiya Seiya(星矢) Men’s Running Shoes
Color: Blue/White
SKU: 672032209F
Upper: Fabric + Synthetic Leather
Sole: Rubber
Release Date: 2020  Autumn
Condition: Brand New and 100% Authentic